Science: The Human Body (Body Bits of Information)
Children made cut outs of their bodies and glued the brain, heart, lungs, and the
stomach in the appropriate place. They enjoyed a simple video about how food travels
through the body.
Lang Arts
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
By: Laura Numeroff
Children enjoyed making
their own cupcakes, and
decorating paper plates to
put their yummy cupcakes
on. They went on an
imaginary adventure similar
to the one the little girl and
the cat go on in the story.  
Lang Arts/Science (Going Green)
Shake, Shake ,Shake, the magic secret solution...
Pour it into a container or bucket...
Run you fingers through the solution, squishing
and slithering, squishing and slithering.
You'll never guess what emerges!!!
Solution completely biodegradable.
"M,m" is for Masking Tape Painting
Memory Game:
Let's Play Match No Match
Outdoor Playdough Tables