Lang Arts/Science

"Flower Absorption"
We filled our cups with water... Added different colors to the
different cups... Cut the stem... We put the flowers in the cups...
Can you guess what happened???
It Looked Like Spilt Milk
by: Charles G. Shaw
"Sometimes" it looked like spilt milk... Was it??? Come join us to find out!!
Game: Bingo
Summer Fun with Junior Counselor's...
The children enjoying the game while practicing number recognition.
Lang Arts/ Science
Big Book: Which Way Now
by: J. Croser
Children recreated a scene
from the story by coloring,
cutting and gluing their ants on
the ant maze.
Imaginative Play Time:
The children enjoy letting their imaginations take them to
different places by acting out some of the stories we have read
at school.
Our Playground
Lang Arts/Science/Math
Story: Rainbow Fish
by: Marcus Pfister
After reading the story children
discussed feelings, and how it feels
when you don't show kindness. They
counted the beautiful scales, they
colored,cut and glued a scene of the
ocean in the story.