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The problem — and promise — of high school

The common complaints about high school are no accident — that’s how high school was designed nearly 200 years ago. But across the country, innovative educators are discovering new ways of teaching and learning.

Celebrating student progress

It’s easy to focus on the kids who are falling behind or flying ahead, but how can schools support the forgotten middle? This school found a way.

A brilliant way to teach advanced English

This IB English teacher has developed a surprisingly simple way to teach complex literary analysis.

Exceptional educators share what they look for in a high school

Get tips on what to look, listen, and feel for as you tour a potential high school for your child.

The power of giving students voice and choice

When students get a say in what they learn and how to show it, they become more deeply involved in their education.

Innovations that will outlast the pandemic

During the pandemic, educators found amazing ways to reach students. Some of those innovations are so great, they’re here to stay.

What if all students got accommodations?

Legally every child with a learning disability receives accommodations, such as extra time on tests or access to audiobooks. But this innovative school gives them to all students.

Tracking each student's path to graduation

Learn how this high-performing high school works with every student on a 4-year plan and uses data to track each student’s progress.

What is early college high school?

These public high schools give students the opportunity to complete up to 2 years of college while still in high school.

Culturally responsive teaching is… good teaching

From helping kids relate to their schoolwork to limiting bias, learn more about culturally responsive teaching.

Why student-centered education should be the norm

Want a high school where every kid finds their unique learning path? Allow students a way to exercise their voice and choice.

The power of positive school culture

How everyone treats each other at a high school has a huge impact on learning. This is what to look out for.