These Mad-Sad-Glad Libs, our twist on the old-school favorite Mad Libs, sneak in a little emotional smarts learning while you’re having fun. Research shows that children who develop emotional intelligence skills are kinder, happier, healthier, and more successful — and games are a proven way to learn. Now… what’s a feeling word that means happy?

Mad-Sad-Glad Lib #1

The Mermaid Goes Shopping

The   (feeling adjective)   mermaid   (movement verb)   towards the   (negative feeling word)   pirate ship…


Mad-Sad-Glad Lib #2

The President Feels Your Pain

President   (woman you know)   Taylor wakes up   (feeling adjective)   and nervous about the day’s upcoming,   (adjective)   events. …


Mad-Sad-Glad Lib #3

Alienated in Space!

Astronaut Mark feels   (feeling adjective)   as he steps on the   (part of a vehicle)   of his spaceship, heading to Pluto. …


Mad-Sad-Glad Lib #4

Shark’s Tale

Latisha shouts   (feeling adverb)   as her surfboard slides forward. Her   (part of the body)   pounds with   (feeling noun)   as she stands up…


Mad-Sad-Glad Lib #5

Friendly Dragon

I feel   (negative feeling)   as I   (verb)   across the   (adjective)   drawbridge…


Mad-Sad-Glad Lib #6

The Cowboys

On the   (feeling adjective)   Texas plains, a posse of   (feeling adjective)   cowboys   (verb)   the lanky Longhorns…


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