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Our vision

Every child obtains a high-quality education that values their unique abilities, identities, and aspirations.

All children deserve to thrive in school regardless of their backgrounds, identities, or learning styles. Ideally, every family would have access to excellent educational options and rich school information to support their child’s unique learning needs. Unfortunately, in a complex education system steeped in inequities, excellent options are not available to all families — particularly those from historically marginalized communities.

Because information varies state by state and district by district, there is an absence of consistent, reliable data, which makes it difficult for families and education stakeholders to truly understand how schools are serving all students.

We believe in the power of actionable, high-quality information to change this reality. We provide parents, educators, advocates, and policymakers with evidence-based resources so they can make decisions and drive improvements that will enable every child to receive a great education.

Our values

All children should have the opportunity to thrive.
Students need to learn, build academic and social-emotional skills and knowledge, and progress from year to year. Education should instill a strong sense of self in all children and value their unique abilities and identities.

Traditional outcomes data do not always indicate the breadth of work schools do to help children thrive.
It is possible and imperative that we learn more about the outstanding and equitable practices of schools. We believe we can find them — and elevate an aspirational view of schools and systems to build a deeper understanding of success from which to learn and make decisions.

Transparency builds trust, and trust fosters productive relationships between families and schools.
Strong relationships between schools and families are rooted in trust — and trust starts with transparency. Giving families access to rich, disaggregated data builds knowledge, expands thinking, and strengthens positive communication among families, educators, and schools.

The perspectives and lived experiences of traditionally underserved students and families matter.
The effects of systemic oppression, racism, and prejudice persist today, as children from historically marginalized communities continue to face unjust barriers to success. The voices of these students and their families should be elevated to inform change and demand culturally responsive learning environments where every child feels affirmed and welcomed.

Parents are powerful change agents, but need support across the system to create lasting change.
Information leads to action, and action leads to systemic change. When given access to trusted school information, we believe parents, educators, advocates, and policymakers can and will take action to support high-quality educational opportunities and diminish systemic inequities.