A Step Ahead School
Welcome to A Step Ahead Preschool
610-76th street
North Bergen,NJ 07047
Pre- K 2 through Kindergarten
Hands on multi-sensory curriculum
Experienced cook on premises full time preparing the finest in
nutritional meals for  the children
We accept Urban League
A Goal Directed Program
At our school you will see:
Very happy children and adults- No lines to stand in. Only fun learning
experiences. No elementary school games. Only preschool games. No
patterns to follow. Only materials with which to create. No complicated,
abstract meanings the child cannot comprehend. Only ideas and things
to talk about, relate to, compare with, match, fit into, try out, reinforce,
invent, discover, enjoy. Always keeping in mind that the activities are
age appropriate. Our program is geared toward helping children
develop habits of observation, questioning and listening. Children learn
that they are free to make choices. An open-ended program like ours
prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities in
future learning tasks.